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La Belle Naturelle

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Policies/Terms and Conditions


Pricing is based on the following:

1) Size (2oz, 4oz, 8oz) *If Applicable*

2) Ingredients for that specific item (ie, sugar/salt, almond/coconut/olive oil)

3) Scent(s)


**The paypal service charge HAS already been added to my pricing

Shipping Policy

Please understand I make everything fresh to order.

It will take 1-2 days to make the product(s), and will ship within 4 business days (unless that day falls on a holiday, in which case I will be shipping on the following business day).

Cancellation Policy

If something happens, and you need to cancel your order, it is the customers responsibility to get a hold of me.

If you are shipping (without using the webstore): Once I receive your payment, I will begin to make your products so cancellations will ONLY be allowed BEFORE I receive payment. Once I receive payment, I will notify you which makes the sale final.

If you are shipping (using the webstore): Once payment is made and you have checked out, there will be no refunds/cancellations. Although it takes me a few days to make the products, I begin working on it when I receive payment.

If you are ordering locally (not shipping): Must cancel NO LATER than 48 hours BEFORE you are to receive your item(s).


**I am sorry to say that even though I want all my customers to be 100% satisfied, due to the nature of these products there are absolutely NO RETURNS or REFUNDS! These items are homemade, natural/pure and made just for you. Therefore unable to be returned/refunded.

Payment Policy

Payment is due BEFORE the product is filled and shipped.

*If you are ordering locally and able to pick up your order, you may pay when you pick up your order by cash or money order.


Cash, money order, payments through paypal.