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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some questions customers have asked. If these do not address your specific question, don't be afraid to contact me...I will be happy to answer your question, and who knows, it may end up here! Remember, there are no stupid questions :)
  **Just a note as well, some ingredients are personally made. For instance, calcium carbonate. I know it's natural because I personally make it. Also, I do go through the extra effort to hand squeeze lemons for orders, shave coconut from real coconuts for my soaps, etc. THIS is what makes me different.**

1) Are these REALLY all natural products?
   - Yes. Before I purchase my materials, I do research on how pure/natural the ingredient is. But, there are no preservatives, dyes or chemicals added (except for soap which HAS to be made with lye. But please note that this is a must, otherwise there would be no reaction in the soap making process and without that reaction it would not be soap!).

2) Are the labels waterproof?
   - No. I have looked into doing this, but the cost is high. In order to keep prices lower for the customer, I have not yet gone this route. I DO hope to find a resolution soon, which would not raise prices too much. UPDATE (4/3/14): Labels will now have a covering over them to help with issues people were having.

3) Some of my products are hard or became hard. Is this normal?
   - YES! Since these are all natural products, some of the ingredients will harden in cooler temperatures. Unfortunately, there is nothing I can do to change this, especially since I do not add chemicals. Most of the items will melt to your body temperature once you begin to apply it, but you may also run it under warm water until it softens (yes, I know the labels aren't waterproof. But, these are your containers, so you can mark on them to remember what it is), if you are concerned about something like the body or foot scrub...well it should soften up enough from the steam of a shower. Do not microwave your products.

4) Will my product melt in warmer temperatures?
   - Just like most products, it is not a good idea to leave ANY product in the sun, or in a warm/hot place. Most anything will melt. If you are leaving your product on your counter during the summer and noticing the the product is too runny for your liking, try putting the product in the fridge until the desired consistency is obtained. My suggestion, your product should be placed in a cool, dark place. So maybe a cabinet in the bathroom (closer to the ground since heat rises), or maybe in a drawer next to your bed.

5) How long do products last since there are no preservatives?
   - Depends on the customer. Shelf life can be anywhere from 1 month to a year. The product will last longer if kept properly in a dark, cool place. But, always remember (just like with any brand or here), if it the product doesn't smell and/or look right, it's better to discard the item.

6) Are there any minimum purchase requirements to ship?
   - No. I am not going to force you to order something you don't need!

7) Are there any minimum purchase requirements for custom orders?
   - No. Just message me with your 'needs' and I'll see if it's possible.

8) What is your process for testing these items?
   - There's a 3 step process for every product I introduce. First, I personally test the product. Then, my family (husband and daughter). Lastly, my volunteers. If I am not completely happy with my product when I test it, I do not allow anyone else to test my product. So when you purchase from me, while I cannot guarantee these products will work for you....what you CAN always count on is that when I used these products on not only myself but on my family, I was completely satisfied with the results.

9) What benefits come from using all natural products?
   - While I cannot guarantee results because everyone's skin is different, research has shown that natural products can help with rosacea, eczema, psoriasis, acne, rashes, damaged skin, hair loss, dry skin, irritation, other skin conditions, etc. All natural products can also prevent the buildup of unnatural chemicals and synthetic compounds in the body. By allowing your skin to absorb only essences found naturally, you are helping your body purge the unnatural items while enjoying the smooth and radiant skin natural products leave behind.

10) I've never used natural products, how will I know how to use yours and is it hard?
   - All products contain ingredients, directions and the disclaimer on the container. Depending on the product, this label will be on the bottom or back of every item. You can also visit this website and look at the item in the webstore, where the directions are also listed in the 'special notes' section of each item.
   - It's not hard to use natural products. Some products you will need to 'read' your body and know when enough is enough. For example, if you are using the face scrub everyday, and your skin becomes flaky, you will need to realize that your body is telling you that you are using it too often. But as with most products (even chemically based), you should be starting off in small amounts to make sure the product is right for you.

11) What is the difference between the 'Premier Selection' and other products?
    - In the 'Premier Selection', the natural ingredients used can be rare, expensive or even more intense.