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La Belle Naturelle

  Beauty Naturally

Our Ethics, Vision & Mission

Before reading on, please understand that here at La Belle Naturelle, God and family come first. Also, this is and will always be a God honoring business, where the 'right' choices are made..even if it is not a popular one.
Our Ethics:
  As a company that you have chosen to make apart of your and your families life, La Belle Naturelle has set these ground rules/values which you can always count on.
  • Honesty - L.B.N will never purposely mislead. L.B.N will always be as open and upfront as possible; with the business relationship in mind.
  • Care/Concern - L.B.N will act in a way that shows awareness for others and their needs. 
  • Our Word - We will go that extra mile to keep our commitments, and will not make commitments that we cannot keep.
  • Fairness/Respect for Others - L.B.N will treat each individual with the same customer service no matter race, religion or sex.
  • Integrity - L.B.N will be a God honoring business and live up to the above stated ethics, even when confronted by personal, professional or social risks and even economic pressures.
Our Vision for Individuals:
  La Belle Naturelle will help transform your way of life, from the chemically enhanced beauty we seek, to a natural way of beauty with natural ingredients we should be living.
Our Vision for La Belle Naturelle:
  Family is so important, especially our little ones. This is why it is the vision for this company to grow and be able to help support organizations such as St. Jude's Children Hospital as well as other Children's Hospitals.
Our Mission:
  It is the mission of La Belle Naturelle to provide individuals with natural alternatives to beauty. This way, you and your family can reveal the natural beauty we all have without harsh and harmful chemicals.
  La Belle Naturelle will take your experience one step further to provide every order fresh and personally made, as well as to provide you with honesty, care and concern.