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Welcome! If there is something in the webstore that you would like to purchase, but you have questions on whether it comes in a bigger/smaller size, different scents, or you simply have a question...please make sure and contact me BEFORE you place an order.

**ALL products took hours if not days of research to make sure the measurments were safe. Most took weeks and some took months of perfecting. So please know, this was not done over night. A lot of hard work went into each item.

**All products are made fresh to order. The pictures of the products below were taken before being given to the customer.

**There is no animal testing done. I personally test my products, then my family, then volunteers. If I dont like what I make, I do not let my family or volunteers use it, and if I can't use it on myself, my family or my volunteers...I do NOT sell it to the public. THAT is a garantee!


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