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Quotes I've been a client from the very beginning and will continue to be for a long time. I have tried a lot of your products so far, but my favorites are: 1. Peppermint Goats Milk Soap. My Goodness...this is by far the best soap I've ever used!!! I used to work in a 'natural' soap store in Florida, and your soap blows theirs out of the water! It makes my skin tingly, refreshed, and oh so soft! And not only have I used it on my body, but used it on my hair ( I ran out of shampoo!) and the way it made my scalp feel was out of this world! 2. Facial scrub in Lavender-Vanilla. I use this product 2x a week - a little bit goes a long way!! I have super sensitive skin to where I can barely use anything but dove soap on my skin - and these essential oils and natural ingredients do not make me break out, but improves my skin by making it glow, makes it super soft and silky, as well as makes a great base for makeup! Quotes
Lauren W
Long Time Customer

Quotes I love the body butter and warm almond honey butter wash. My skin has never been so healthy during these harsh winter months. Even my boyfriend, who didn't know I started these products, noticed my skin was softer! Quotes

Quotes I absolutely LOVE the Body Butter. My hands get so dry with washing dishes all the time and cold winter winds, and the first time I put it on I could tell a HUGE difference. Before my skin looked like alligator skin and would sometimes break out in a rash because they were so dry, and now they stay soft and feel good all the time. I can't wait to try your shampoo bars! =) Quotes
Jessie L

Quotes I ordered products (bath bombs/fizzies) as Christmas gifts and they smelled so amazing I wanted to keep them for myself! I kept the face scrub I ordered for myself and it makes my skin so smooth after using and also smells amazing! I look forward to ordering and using these products again in the near future. The prices are amazing and I would recommend these products to anyone! Quotes

Quotes I'm addicted to the face moisturizer ! Really creamy, rich and I only have to apply it once after swimming Quotes
Brittany Johnson

Quotes I am very pleased I decided to try this product and company. I ordered on Friday morning and received a prompt response. My order arrived on Tuesday and I couldn't wait to try it. Love the way it makes my skin feel. I look forward to adding to my selections. Quotes
Theresa L
Very Pleased!

Quotes I used the Face Scrub and it was fantastic! Left my face feeling soft and not dried out. The Body Butter leaves my skin feeling very soft too. The Anti-Aging face cream is a perfect finish to the face scrub :) love these products!! Quotes
Linda Good
Satisfied Customer

Quotes Your Hand Whipped Body Butter is more moisturizing than any Bath and Body products I have ever tried. Your products continue to amaze me!!! Quotes
Laura Hillman
One Happy Customer

Quotes I highly recommend the foot scrub!! Also I have used the body scrub and it is great too! Quotes
Amy G.

Quotes Your products are wonderful! After only 3 days of using your skin care, my face is clear, smooth and not the least bit oily. I also love the whipped body butter, and it's perfect for my 3 month old. I can't wait to try more products! Quotes
Brooke D.
Happy Mom